Thoughts on permanent eyeliner

André Benedix, via Flikr
André Benedix, via Flikr

Would you get eyeliner tattooed on your face? Or, should I say, would you get a tattoo on your eyelid, made to look like eyeliner?

I’ve been thinking about that question quite a bit in the past few weeks. I’ve had a handful of conversations with women (no men) who have thought about the procedure, and a few less who have gone through with the procedure. (It looks very good, nice and natural.)

It would be nice to have permanent eyeliner. I could wake up, ready to go. I could touch my optical area without smudging dark brown goop all over my eyelid and fingers. I might look refreshed and “put together.” I can see why people elect to have this procedure done. And maybe in the future, I will have eyeliner tattooed on my face.

But I wish I could get other things permanently affixed to my face. (And I don’t mean lip liner or faux eyelash inserts.)

What would life be like if you could wake up, look in the mirror, and see never-smearing, waterproof and 100% unremovable self-confidence? (Some might say that could come with the eyeliner.)

Or what about patience? If you know me, you know I could use some extra patience. Just imagine if every minute of every day I had patience.

What about kindness? Happiness? A calm spirit? Wisdom? What if those qualities were permanently attached, visible to all I would meet when facing the day? I would pay a lot of money to have any (or all) of those qualities always with me, present in my life.

But alas, there are things that money can’t buy and no esthetician can etch into my pores.

What qualities would you like to have a ‘tattoo’ of?  How do you remember to be patient, kind and wise?