The Packing Blues

Well, here I sit.  Procrastinating packing.  I just don’t want to do it! I have had so much fun in Paris these past few weeks.  I am very excited to go to Vichy (and not live in a hotel), but I love this city.  I have a lot of stuff to fit into a small suitcase.  How did I do it on the way over?

Anyways, the rain has stopped.  It was pouring last night! There was lots of lightning and thunder.  It was very nice.  Now everything is drying out over here. 

Sorry to bore you with my complaining,



Late-Night Reflections

Hello reader!

This marks my tenth entry, the final one needed for my journalism class.  I thought that I would reflect and ponder what I have learned and experienced by dong this project. 

The first thing I learned is that blogging can be hard work! It can be difficult to post regularly.  It is also difficult to come up with something to write.  (If you knew me in person, this would be ironic, as I can ALWAYS find something to say!) I believe that having the constraint of having the posts deal with journalism was slightly limiting, but it was also nice to have a general focus for my posts.  I suppose that if I want to keep this blog running (and if you all will read it still!), I will have to choose a general path.  Any ideas? Perhaps theatre, or my awkward life on the struggle bus!

The second thing I discovered is that journalism is alive and kicking.  The more I research and learn, the more and more excited I become to partake in this field.  While my future is by no means set in stone, it is a relief to begin to piece my life together.  I really like journalism, so this project wasn’t really a chore.  I thought it was rather interesting, and hopefully the reader did as well!

The last thing I experienced in doing this project is that writing my thoughts such as this can be therapeutic.  It is nice to be forced to put down my ideas and really think about them.  It takes some guts to post your opinion all over the web.  Who isn’t afraid of ridicule? I suppose I could keep a journal, but that seems dated.  Also, I probably wouldn’t write as religiously as I do on this blog. 

I guess this wraps up the journalism chapter of this blog.  I am going abroad for a month this summer, and I will update this blog with pictures and stories of my exploits.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,


Everyone’s a critic…

In the world of facebook, blogging, and twitter, anybody can appear to be an expert.  The internet introduces a degree of anonymity to everything.  First, lets look at a trusted news source worldwide a newspaper (print or online). 

I don’t know about you, but I more or less trust what I read.  Examples of things that everybody can generally trust would be stories that report facts, such as the price of soybeans or the death toll of a hurricane.  Well-known newspapers and news outlets (ABC, NBC, Omaha World-Herald, Kearney Hub) have merit in my eyes, and I don’t usually doubt things such as these I find from their news sources.  Even opinion pieces, such as editorials, have a byline and usually include a sentence or two about the author’s credentials.  Basically, the New York Times wouldn’t let a random person type up their opinion. Yet that is what happens daily on the web, thanks to journalistic sites and tools. 

As I have mentioned in previous posts, there are numerous websites that allow users to upload their own stories and pictures.  However, these people have no credibility.  They could be (and probably are) anyone! Take this blog, for instance.  How well do you know me, the author? Some of you probably know me very well.  Others of you have never met me, and never will know more than my name and what I put on this blog.  Why should you listen to what I think? (I mean,besides the fact that I am pretty awesome.)

The entire point of this blog is to remind you, the gentle reader, to not believe everything you read.  Even movie reviews on should be taken with a grain of salt.

Farethee well!