Wrapping up

Hello everyone! I am writing this from a hotel room in Paris-Roissy, where I will sleep before heading off to the good ‘ol USA tomorrow morning. 

Whew! I don’t know how a month could have gone by so quickly, or so awesomely.  I have seen  and experienced some truly amazing things, things I will never forget. I would personally like to thank you, the reader, for dutifully reading this blog.  I haven’t been very consistent, and I am sure my grammar is….interesting, but thank you anyways.  I hope it entertained you as much as it has entertained me. 

It was very difficult to say goodbye to my wonderful family today, but I must say, it is time to go home. It is a bittersweet moment.  This trip has shown me what an awesome country France is, and how wonderful the world is outside of my doorstep and my comfort zone.  However, it has also taught me to be grateful for my family, on both sides of the Atlantic.  I have decided to make a list:

THINGS I WON’T MISS ABOUT PARIS/FRANCE:  The strange keyboards (Why mess with QWERTY?), The fact that the ground floor is not, in fact, the first floor, Feeling inferior because most of the women could be professional models/hairstylists/fashion designers, The metric system (Confusing!), The way that most men stare openly at women (CREEPY!), Having to ask “Quoi?” or “Comment?” every five minutes to try and understand what people are saying, European Clothing Sizes, Living out of a suitcase, and Fleur d’Orange. 

THINGS I WILL MISS ABOUT PARIS/FRANCE:  My family in Vichy, The small portion sizes, Bueno Bars, Crepes, Nutella, Nutella Paninis, The bread, The pastries, Basically all of the food (EXCEPT Fleur d’Orange), The archeticture, The age of majority being 18, Speaking French (I really love speaking French.  I am not an expert, but it is fun and exciting, and it sounds much prettier than English), The cute French dogs that walk around without leashes, and basically EVERYTHING not mentioned above. 

In addition, I have discovered many things about myself, such as the fact that I really enjoy a good lamb chop.  Delicious! Poor little lamb, but truly delicious! Also, I rediscovered my joy of bike-riding and realized that I don’t need a car to get around.  My legs work just fine.  I have had one month without a cell phone, Facebook, and American TV shows.  And you know what, that is just fine by me.  After this, I have realized that I spent WAYYY to much time on electronic devices when I could be out living my life.  Hopefully, I will cut back on my Facebooking.  Famous last words, I know.  I have discovered that I really would like to study/live abroad for a while.  I also have found that I really enjoy blogging like this.  I feel like this project has rekindled my love of writing, and hopefully that will continue into a successful career in Journalism. 

Well, enough blathering.  I don’t know how frequently I will blog in the future, but I will keep you posted!

Much Love,



Best Week Ever.

Bonjour! Sorry that I havent been blogging that frequently.  My days here are busy but relaxing.  Also, I am typing on a French computer, which has a different keyboard, not QWERTY.  Très difficult! it takes a long time to write. So bear with me please;

Guy et Jeannine are angels.  They treat me as if I were their own daughter.  I am having tons of fun, and speaking tons of french! Yesterday, I went to the market with Jeannine. We bought tons of bread, fruit, and vegetables.  It is very different than Walmart! (much better).  Then We returned and I took a nap.  I know, <i have a hard life.  🙂

In the afternoon I hung out with a distant cousin and some of her friends.  Cami is seventeen and just about to take the Bac, a very hard test all high schoolers have to take.  It was very interesting to hear about all of the differences between a,erican schools and french schools.  They dont have sports, clubs, a mascot, school dances or a prom, or even a graduation ceremony.  Also, almost no students have a job during the school year.  Very different.

Last night, we went to a wonderful little resturant.  Dessert was crepes suzette! it comes out on fire, flambe! Today we are going into town to do some major shopping! wahoo! Then we are going to a book signing.  There is an american author who had one of his books translated into french;  Pete Fromm.  He writes nature/adventure stories i think.  He is from Montana.  It will be interesting to see another american here in Vichy.

Well thats about it§

love you all,


Vichy, also called paradise.

Bonjour! I am writing this in Vichy, so you know what that means- I MADE IT THROUGH THE TURNSTILE!!!!! very exciting.  Packing was very sad.  It also took forever! my train ride was very nice, it put me to sleep.  The lovely Jeannine met me at the train station.  We spoke French as she gave me a quick driving tour of the town.  It is a little larger than Kearney. 

They are treating me like a princess here.  It is great.  They are truly angels.  We are speaking about 3/5 French and 2/5 English.  It is going marvelously!! I don’t know if I will blog every day here, and I will probably put up pictures when I return to the states. 



p.s. my heart is in Colorado today with my family.  I wish they could all be in Vichy with me and we could have a wonderful holiday!