Accidentally in love…with life

Omaha's Old Market
Omaha’s Old Market (Photo credit: manyhighways)

Tonight was fantastic. I mean, any night where I don’t lay around watching Netflix is pretty exciting, but tonight was perfect.

After a busy day at work (where I wrote a neat story and spoke with Nebraska’s God, Tom Osborne) and getting parked in by three bus liners, I was ready to hang out with some friends. And not just any friends, my two funniest friends.

We went ice skating–more to come on that later–and decided to hang out afterwords in Mr. Toad’s bar to come up with blog ideas. (Yes, that is a true story.) The music was an eclectic mix of Paul Simon and Top 40 hits and laughter abounded.

Around 9:30, the bar began to fill up. Two cuddly and cozy couples sat at the table next to us. One of the couples began posing for pictures, so naturally my friend Libby photo-bombed the pictures. One guy in their party, decked out in a “Christmas Story” -inspired leg lamp sweater and a Santa hat, encouraged the photo-bombing.

The woman in the pictures then turned around and told us that she and her boyfriend were recently engaged. “Like, four hours ago,” she said. I instantly thought she would be upset with us for ruining her pictures. Instead, she showed us the ring and then said that she was embarrassed to tell everyone about it. She decided that she would tell her co-workers that she received the jewelry from a cereal box.

After we took a picture of their group, they decided to buy us all a drink. Then the Counting Crows song “Accidentally in Love” came over the loudspeaker and their entire party was singing and shoulder dancing. They were having a good time, and I was happy for them and their brand new engagement.

In that moment, it struck me how awesome life can be. Here we sit, three young females in a random bar, and a complete stranger shares one of the biggest moments of her life with us mere hours after it happens. I love making odd connections like this. Perhaps it is the Midwesterner niceness that is so often touted, or maybe it is my photo-bombing encouragement. I don’t know, but what I do know is that between friends who make me feel loved and strangers who make me feel appreciated, my life is pretty darn great.

Do you ever have moments that make you realize life is amazing? 

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2 thoughts on “Accidentally in love…with life

  1. libsnyds December 15, 2013 / 11:18 AM

    I wish we had asked them to text us the picture I photobombed.

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