The 308 is great

I wore a turkey apron to carve the turkey. Quite a special moment.
I wore a turkey apron to carve the turkey. Quite a special moment.

Happy belated Thanksgiving, all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I had a splendid, albeit short, time back home in Kearney.  On the drive back to Omaha today, I was thinking about what I am thankful for. The list was long, but many of them had to do with the faces and spaces at home. I always have a fantastic time in the 308.

A list of things I am thankful for, Kearney edition:

  • My friends and family back home think I am funny. They actually laugh when I speak! (Note: not sure if they are laughing with me or at me. Will do more investigation.)
  • I am no longer the tallest one, not by a long shot.
  • At home, I am surrounded by the one person who talks as much as me: my mother. We always have a good time, chatting our ears off.
  • Likewise, my mom, sister and I also make up songs together, and nobody thinks it is bizarre. (Okay, they think it is bizarre, but not out of the ordinary.)
  • The way my mom saves old magazines for me to read.
  • My friends who I haven’t seen in months. I can have hour-long conversations with them, and they can instantly know how I am feeling. They are also fantastic cheerleaders. As one of my friends said at lunch today, “We will all be successful. Because we are awesome.” Well said.
  • I can be as strange and weird as I want.
  • I am thankful for the lack of traffic and the high visibility of the stars at night.
  • I am thankful that my family is cool. As I age I get along with them better, which is pretty neat. They aren’t mythical figures anymore, they are my friends who I can drink with and curse in front of and tease. And they compliment me! (Bonus!)
  • Peppernuts, Chex Mix and angel biscuits.
  • Turkey aprons.
  • Dogs, even dumb ones like Maxine.

What are you thankful for?


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