Happy Halloween, Throwback Thursday style

I used to love Halloween. It was my favorite holiday, hands down. Dressing up, free candy and spooky music– what’s not to love? I can vividly remember our neighborhood block parties, which consisted of contests and games in various garages on the street. One year, we made a potion called “pond water,” which was grape and orange Kool-Aid mixed together. I remember trick-or-treating in the snow. I remember begrudgingly taking Almond Joy bars so my sister and her friend wouldn’t have to. I remember my old dog, Tess, wearing a tiny witch’s hat and barking every time she heard “trick or treat.” One time, we were carving pumpkins in our garage and Tess discovered a possum!

I have had some marvelous costumes: Hershey’s kiss, ace of spades, green M&M, cat, witch, and old lady carrying a baby on her back. One of the first (and only) construction projects I made was a tombstone yard decoration.  Even in middle school, I would proudly wear holiday-themed earrings, such as dangling skeletons and bloodshot eyeballs. I remember my first Halloween party in 6th grade. The host printed off invitations, and all the cool kids watched “The Ring” downstairs while all the “fraidy cats” ate chocolate upstairs. (I was a fraidy cat. I also cannot remember what I went as.” I miss those days.

Halloween now is a time for girls to wear skimpy outfits and make fools of themselves. Why? I would much rather be a cat than a “sexy cat,” or a doctor than a “sexy doctor.” But alas, I don’t make the rules. So if you see me wearing a costume tonight, don’t be surprised if it is modest and homemade.

Do you have any Halloween memories?


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, Throwback Thursday style

  1. Emma Brandt November 10, 2013 / 7:23 PM


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