Eye Candy: Five Instagram accounts you should be following

I’m sorry, gentlemen: Instagram is here to stay. It has matured past the point of teenage girl selfies and sepia-toned filters. Don’t believe me? People and organizations all around the world have turned to the photo editing and sharing app (Rolling Stone, USA Today and The White House, to name a few.)

Why do I use Instagram? As I have previously expressed, I feel that apps like this are a way that I can ‘curate’ my life, and Instagram is an easy way for me to instantly share a photo or video on multiple platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, foursquare and the ever-reliable email account).

So you have an Instagram account; now who do you follow? Your friends, gotta love them, can make  the service unbearable. There are only so many pictures of coffee and lunch a person can take.

That’s where I come in. Take a look at the following five Instagram accounts that I think are the coolest ones out there.  These are my favorites, and I hope you will enjoy them as well. 

  1. @dguttenfelder  David Guttenfelder is the chief photographer at the Associated Press. He is currently inside North Korea. Let me repeat: the man posts amazing Instagram photos and videos from inside North Korea. It provides an interesting (if somewhat slightly spooky) look inside one of the world’s most closed-off countries. My favorite images are those of the impressive military pageantry, as well as videos of thousands of students performing a synchronized hula-hoop dance.
  2. @natgeo National Geographic has some of the best photos of nature and human life in their magazine. Their Instagram account doesn’t disappoint, either. I have discovered a lot of other great accounts from this one, including @thephotosociety and @salvarezphoto.
  3. @buzzfeed BuzzFeed, the hilarious and GIF-friendly website, runs a hilarious account. Good for a random chuckle when it pops up on your feed, especially ones of cute animals.
  4. @gap I follow many retail companies’ accounts. Most of them are out of my price range (@longchamp, @katespadeny, @alice_olivia, @tiffanyandco, @anthropologie and @freepeople to name a few!), but Gap isn’t, especially with a good sale. They can give outfit ideas or delight your eyes with fun images, like this United States of Denim.
  5. @zooborns One of my favorite websites, ZooBorns, now publishes their photos of exotic baby zoo animals directly on Instagram. Prepare for a cute overload.

Do you follow any of these accounts? Do you have an Instagram account? If not, why are you hesitant to get one?


P.S. Do yourself and follow @JimArmstrongWBZ on Twitter. He live-tweets the Whitey Bulger trial every day from his iPad. Quite a riveting and horribly shocking trial that I haven’t seen much of in the mainstream media. Plus, he responds to questions from his followers. (And lord knows I have asked one or two…or seven.)


2 thoughts on “Eye Candy: Five Instagram accounts you should be following

  1. Vernon J July 31, 2013 / 3:58 PM

    Welcome to the club. Omaha Public Library.

    I LOVE your National Geographic Instagram photo you included in this post.

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