Will Twitter outlast the Times?

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Will Twitter outlast the NYTimes? Image via CrunchBase.

In this recent article from CNNMoney.com, Peter Thiel, Former CEO of PayPal, said that Twitter employees need not worry about their jobs 10 years from now. Employees of the New York Times, however, should fear for the longevity of the newspaper.

Granted, Thiel was mainly discussing the business side of things, and the newspaper industry is currently going through a major struggle to keep its revenue up. However, the fact that professionals say such a thing shocks me.

I have always thought of the NYTimes as “too big to fail.” If the public has a need for a newspaper, and I would argue that it most certainly does, then the public will have a newspaper such as the Times to keep it from being thwarted by politics and those who would deceive the American public. However, now I see that perhaps this is too much of a Pollyanna-esque view.

This means a few things. 1) In the future, I should keep my job search wide. If a newspaper isn’t around, which I believe is not true, then I need to have other skills that make me marketable. 2) I should buy some stock in Twitter when/it it comes out with an IPO. 3) I should consider a career at Twitter.

After the AP Twitter hack last week, the social media site has come under fire for not adequately protecting its journalists who use the micro-blogging platform. It seems to be stepping its game up, however, by posting a new position on its jobs page. The title? Media– Head of News and Journalism. 

What can I, a journalism student in this social media-savvy century, learn from this? If Twitter is taking Journalism seriously, then the rest of the world should, too. Traditional print media may be going through a rough patch right now, but the industry as a whole will be here to stay. (I hope.)

Are you going to apply for the job? If you were given this position, what would you do to increase the relationship between Journalists and Twitter?


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