Sonnet to my Cabela’s hat

Tonight, I decided to take a break from my homework and write a Shakespearean sonnet to my Cabela’s hat. Please don’t think I am crazy; please do not judge me upon this; please still be my friend. 

Cabela's hat.
My Cabela’s hat that inspired this sonnet.

Though faded green and slightly worn from use
My favorite cap does perch upon my head
And shields me from another person’s views
Of condescending nature, thoughts unsaid.

It sits in silence, taking up small space
Yet makes me feel invisible from things
I choose to hate. If wind is that day’s case
It stops my wand’ring hair from growing wings.

With time, it’s grown accustomed to my ways,
And never judged me tall or thin or fat;
It’s blocked my face from powerful sun rays
and I’d be lost without my favorite hat.

A love may come and go; so may a friend
but I will wear my hat until the end.



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