NE is a part of ME

Today is a great day. It is the birthday of Nebraska. Yes, this wonderful state is turning 146 today.

South of McGrew, Nebraska - 5
South of McGrew, Nebraska – 5 (Photo credit: Welfl)

This year, I have finally accepted Nebraska as a truly amazing place. You may scoff, as I did for the majority of my elementary, middle and high school years, but I am grateful to have grown up here, in the midst of the MidWest. The heart of america is found here, and I believe that is why most Nebraskans are so friendly and caring. You can read more about this coming-to-terms I had here.

Mostly, I like Nebraska/Nebraskans because they/we can admit that Nebraska is not the most exciting place on the earth. We are realistic, and in being such, we can view the faults and problems of this place while still seeing the greatness which seems to come up out of the ground, between the corn and milo. (Yes, I realize that was a cheesy metaphor.) Try to get somebody from Minnesota, Wisconsin or California to admit that. Actually, don’t waste your time. I’ve tried, and they simply cannot do it. All this proves to me is that Nebraskans are more honest and humble than most.

Why is Nebraska great? So many reasons: the unicamerial, the low cost of living and the state song, “Beautiful Nebraska.” I seriously love the state song. (I’m still up in arms from when Ginger Ten Bensel, a local newscaster, attempted to change it to this rubbish.) In my History of American Mass Media class last semester, I learned so much about the fascinating history of Nebraska, especially in the Journalism/1st amendment/shield law realms.

State Seal of Nebraska.
State Seal of Nebraska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Confession time: I will always remember that Andrew Johnson was the POTUS when Nebraska was admitted to the union. That is because in fourth grade I had a huge crush on a kid named Andrew. So, naturally, I viewed Andrew Johnson as one of the nation’s best presidents. In doing my research for this post, I learned that Andrew Johnson vetoed Nebraska’s statehood. It is only because of a Congressional override that the cornhusker state exists today. Now, knowing absolutely nothing else about Johnson, I hate him and his presidency with the rage and steadiness that the Republican River flows (in high and non-drought times, of course).

Read more about Nebraska here.


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