I was right…again.

English: A Crystal Ball I created in 3D. Suppo...
What my crystal ball looks like. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I predicted the winner of Super Bowl 47. That’s right. Me. Amanda.

In one of my most popular posts ever, I correctly predicted that the Baltimore Ravens would win. My reasoning doesn’t matter. Neither does the fact that I know more about the reproductive cycle of kangaroos than football. What does matter is that I was correct.

I would lie and say that I’m not one to gloat; alas, I am not a liar. This is me gloating. This is for the seven people who commented/tweeted/emailed me about this blog and said that the 49ers were going to win.

What does this prove? It proves that sometimes a random guess is more accurate than all the predictions in the world. It also proves that I am psychic.

I also predicted that some cataclysmic even would occur during the game. Upon reading my last post, one of my male friends admonished me for not knowing that the arena was indoor and that my weather predictions would have nothing to do with the game. I then told him something along the lines of “Well, one never knows what is going to happen. Sometimes random things happen, indoors or outdoors.” He scoffed, chuckled and then walked away.

When the power went out, guess who I texted? That’s right. The non-believer.

Society has taught us to “shun” the non-believers, but I will not shun him. Instead, I taught him the error of his ways. He has now promised to always listen to me about everything ever.

What is the take-away point of this post/life event? It is to prove everybody wrong. I have been known to be a “know-it-all.” Well, I would like to point out that I actually do know it all. I am the oldest child; I have known my abilities for a long time. Now the world can see without doubt, that I actually DO know best.

*cease gloating now*

Also, today is the day the music died. Check out my post on my other blog: http://ambranmusicdiary.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/the-day-the-music-died/


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