Being Sick Sucks; or an excuse for my behavior

I spent the last week being sick.



This is probably not news to anybody, as a good case of ‘the crud’ seems to be infecting people everywhere. One person’s random cold isn’t news at all. In fact, being sick seems to be an excuse to be lazy. It says, I can literally no longer push my body; I must rest. A real world example: what did I do last week besides slowly ingest an entire bottle of cough syrup? Nothing! In fact, just getting up and going to my scheduled hair appointment was enough activity to knock me out the rest of the day.

Never Say Never (Justin Bieber song)
Justin Bieber will never be my boyfriend, especially when I act childish. Never Say Never (Justin Bieber song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It is my dearest hope that this is my one allotted illness for 2013. Because let’s face it, I am a straight-up whiner when I’m sick. I don’t want anybody to have to deal with me in that state. Whenever I am sick (or tired, or hungry or thirsty) it’s as if I am transported into the body of a seven-year-old who just discovered Justin Bieber isn’t her boyfriend. I am cranky and unhappy. I act irrationally. I walk around with a scowl on my face. I am immature.


I realize that I act like this, like a school-yard bully who is intent on stepping on everybody else’s anthill. I try to correct my behavior, but that is usually difficult to do without a drink, snack, nap or 30 ml of Robitussin, depending on what is ailing me.



So please excuse my behavior when I get like this. I would really like to say that it’s not my fault, but that’s precisely what it is- my fault.



Now it’s time for a nap.




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