Feature Writing: What I Learned

If you regularly follow this blog, you will know that this past semester I was in a Feature Writing course. With dead week over and finals looming, here is a roundup of what I have learned.

First and foremost, this class reinforced my love of writing. I have always enjoyed creating stories, but turning that into a career seemed scary and impossible. This course showed me the opposite— that storytelling is alive and well. Despite the issues facing the journalism industry, writing will never die out, and I hope to be a writer someday.

The writing process seems very daunting when I sit down and try to begin it: reporting, writing, editing, more reporting. Stories are never finished and they can discourage me. However, I truly love and enjoy the act of writing and rearranging words to convey meanings.

This class also taught me the importance of convergence in the field of journalism. We were given iPads, which I previously thought were unnecessary. I now want one. It helps to look at content and how it is delivered in new forms, such as on a tablet. The present is a very exciting period of change for journalists, PR people and copy writers, and being able to use new media and devices is a truly significant step up in my knowledge of the industry. (Yet another reason Creighton’s JMC department is awesome.)

The third thing I learned in this class, and perhaps the most technical, is the craft of narrative. Narrative is an invisible structure that is never noticed by the causal reader. However, without it information is nearly impossible to present and comprehend.  Don’t believe me? Read this compelling narrative and recognize the incredible skill of the writer.

I loved everything about this class: the professor, the small size, my peers, the iPad, the assignments…I could go on forever. Someday when I am a famous writer or journalist I know I will look back on this course with fond memories and a sense of appreciation.


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