Crossword Puzzles, or iPad Problems

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

I received an iPad in one of my classes this semester. Not to keep, to borrow. It has been awesome. I never saw the need for a tablet in my life, but the corporate sector has done it again— made me desperately need something that I don’t know I was missing.

I am dreading giving back the iPad. Dreading it. I use it frequently. I take notes on it in class or when I am doing interviews. I prefer writing out my notes, but it a class where there isn’t a whole lot to take down it works perfectly. I do my homework on it. I watch the news on it. I play crossword puzzles on it.

Let’s be real, I mostly do crossword puzzles on it. I get them through the USA Today app. They are awesome. I am addicted, which again proves that I am 68 years old at heart.

Faced with the reality of having to return my terrific tablet, I decided to have a back up plan. “No problem,” I said. “iPads can’t be that expensive. If I get one with just wi-fi, I can save up my money and get one my Christmas. After all, I have a job.”

I then decided to go look at the Apple website. My jaw dropped. DROPPED. Those babies are expensive. A new iPad mini starts at $329. I would want a full-sized because I already have an iPhone, which means the BASE PRICE would be a whopping $399. That’s a lot of hours of me writing press releases in a cubicle.

I am thinking about buying myself a book of crossword puzzles to occupy myself when I no longer possess the iPad. It will be much cheaper, approximately $5, but I won’t look nearly as pretentious when doing them.

Sorry this was so whiny. But if anybody has an iPad they aren’t using, let me know. Seriously, call me up. I need one.


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