Sometimes you just have to say ‘no.’

The sentiment is very applicable in a variety of situations. Peer Pressure? NO. Getting too involved in extra-curricular activities? NO. Having your roommates try to force you into watching ‘Gilmore Girls?’ NO. Walking by the donut/cake aisle at the grocery store? NO.

Need help?

Amanda’s Steps to Saying No (not guaranteed by the FDA to cure or prevent any disease)

  • Stick with your gut reaction
  • Take some time with your decision (unless you are on a timed game show. In that case, hurry up!)
  • Think about the possible outcomes of your decision. Example: If I buy donuts, I will eat them all in a day and then feel sad. If I don’t buy donuts, I will still feel sad but instead gorge myself on raisins.
  • When you are thinking about your decision, don’t be distracted. Put your iPad down.
  • Ask a friend or trusted confidant for advice. Be sure to avoid conflicts of interest. For example, if I text my roommate about the donut debacle, she will probably be biased. If I bring home donuts, she could benefit from eating them.
  • Don’t make thinly veiled references to your predicaments. If you want to ask for advice, just be direct.
  • Reward your decision. Preferably with ice cream.
  • In implementing your decision- stay strong. If it helps, listen to music that has strong themes. or are some of my favorites.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.


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