La Festa Italia, or “Look Ma! I’m cultured!”

Happy Friday afternoon!

I don’t know how you plan on spending your Labor Day weekend, but I plan on doing something completely American– attending the Omaha Italian Festival.

I have never been to a large cultural festival such as this before. Who knows what what will happen? Perhaps I will return fluent in Italian. Perhaps I will simply eat a large quantity of stereotypical Italian food.

I am not expecting to encounter non-English speakers, but I want to be prepared just in case. Here are some phrases I found on the Fodor’s website. I went ahead and prepared a script in case I have a run-in with a Sicilian:

Me: Buon pomeriggio! (Good day!)

Raphael/Laurenz0/Georgio/Alberto/Carlo: Ciao! Come va? (Hello! How are you?)

Me: Molto bene, grazie. (Very well, thank you.)

R/L/G/A/C: come si chiama? (What is your name?)

Me: Mi chiamo Amanda. Come si chiama? (My name is Amanda. What is your name?)

R/L/G/A/C: Mi chiamo Raphael/Laurenzo/Georgio/Alberto/Carlo.

Me: Piacere di conoscerla. (Pleasure to meet you.)

R/L/G/A/C: preferisco la bistecca ben cotta. (I prefer my steak well done.)

Me: E delizioso! Avete dei piatti vegetariani? (Delicious! Do you have any vegetarian dishes?)

R/L/G/A/C: Dov’e la metropolitana? (Where is the subway?)

Me: Parla inglese? (Do you speak English?)

R/L/G/A/C: parli piano, per favore. (Speak slowly, please.)

Me: Parrrlllllllaaa iiiiiiiiinnngleeeeessseee? (Doooooo youuuu speakkk Englishhh?)

R/L/G/A/C: Si! (Yes!)



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