Why I write, or I tell bad jokes

Here I am, sitting at a typewriter in the famous “Shakespeare and Company” bookstore, located near the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

Why do I write?

I do not mean this as a grand philosophical question, such as “Why are we here?” or “When is lunch?”.

Rather, I question what my motives are behind my desire to write. Easy answer– I am a journalism major who has a big mouth and a lot to say. However, I believe there is more to this answer. Why do I like writing?

I have always thought that written words are the most powerful form of expression. I find that I can connect more deeply to physical words rather than those of the spoken variety. I would be misleading myself if I didn’t mention my suspicions of vanity. Quite simply, I enjoy the voice inside my head. It has a nice tone to it, and it always seems to get emotions and emphasis figured out rather neatly.

Writing has always been an easy way for me to express myself. I enjoy that one can lose all preconceived notions that can come with seeing somebody in person. Who knows what the writer looks like? Better yet, who cares? Instead of judging people on their hair color and weight, let’s judge on number of puns and punctuation.

My favorite style of writing is comedic. Laughing while reading a book is a wonderful experience, and I hope that one day my writings can produce peals of laughter in others. If you have ever heard me tell a joke, you know that I am never going to be a professional comedian. The delivery is simply horrendous. I giggle; I skip ahead; I forget crucial clues. Not good. When I write, none of these things can happen. With some simple revisions, I can seem to be put together in my thoughts.

I am extremely excited to take JRM 322 this semester. Not only will this Feature Writing course provide me a structure in which to write consistently, but it will also help me develop my storytelling talents.

What is the meaning of all this? If all goes according to plan, I will be updating this blog more frequently with (hopefully) hilarious stories and insightful posts about the love/hate relationship I have with the process of writing.


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