Popes, or “My Catholic Friends Should Read This”

Hey. I’m tired. But I’m going to blog anyways. I have to keep my seven faithful readers happy.

Today was a splendid day in Avingnon. If you saw my earlier post, you know that my white dress was soiled by breakfast. And what a breakfast it was!!!

Today was a scorcher. Yep, a scorcher. I love it. **£HISTORY LESSON** the papacy is the head of the catholic church. The papacy has always been in Rome, EXCEPT for a hundred or so years in the 14th century. There were seven legitimate popes who resided in Avignon, in the south of France. (clement V – Gregory XI), as well as two anti-popes. There was a schism, but you can google that.

Anyways, today we went and visited many pope related things. We first went to a church near the popes home. An organ was playing- it was beautiful. My granny would have loved it. They had many pope dresses (vestiments I think they are called) and my personal favorite- relics. I think that they are super creepy yet super awesome. Who wouldn’t want to preserve a knuckle in a jar of silver? Not sarcastic- I think it is cool.

Then we voyaged on to the palais des popes. THE POPES LIVED HERE. it was super cool. I was kind of geeking out. We had fantastic audio guides, and I learned a lot. It was truly fascinating. Coolest parts- too many to name. We went into the secret treasury the poor had. Only three people could access it, and the walls were extremely thick- 3 or 4 meters. They also had holes in the ground to hide treasures. There was a kitchen that was formed as a giant chimney. And the painted walls- beautiful! It was used as a barracks in the 1800s, and much of the frescoes were white washed. What a shame.

Then we voyaged to the tiny town of Fontaine de Vaucluse. It was beautiful. Reminded me of Missouri. There is a deep underground lake that feeds a river. I did some spelunking (in a dress) It was awesome. The water was freezing. It was also perfectly clear. I want to bring my family back there some day. They would love it.

Also, I have discovered I love water that sparkles. Perrier, San Pelligrino, Badiot- doesn’t matter, I love it all.

We went swimming this evening in the hotel pool. Literally so classy. Score best western. We ate dinner at the hotel- I had lamb and creme brûlée. Needless to say, it was delicious.



MAXIME is a town ON THE OCEAN. if you know me at all, you know I’m out of my head with excitement. I am sooooo ready to get my tan on!!

Also I love stained glass windows.

Love and bisous,












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