En Provence

I am here! The south of France. What a wonderful place to be. Shall I recount to you my journey to this warm paradise? Why else would you have came to this page?

We left Vichy this morning. It was a short drive down here- 3 or four hours. For a ‘murican like me, that is no big deal at all!

Side note- French driving scares me. I don’t understand how they use their blinkers. It seems as if they leave them on for longer than necessary, which causes me stress.

The drive was very beautiful. We passed through Les Bois Noirs, the black woods, which were blanketed in fog. Very pretty.

Next we crossed the Rhône river multiple times. We were in the region of the alps I believe. I’m not really sure- lots of napping went on. the scenery looked kind of like kingman az- hilly with some trees. We drove by a fortress that was built in the 11th century!! It was super cool, but I suppose the French are used to things like that.

We finally arrived in Provence, the region in which Avingnon is located. We saw tons of fields of lavender. Again, it was beautiful.

Our hotel is the classiest best western I have ever stayed in. Tres. Chic. I am sharing a room with my 10 yr old cousin tonight…I hope she doesn’t kick me in my sleep! 🙂

The actual city of Avingnon is surrounded by walls. Yes, walls. As in ancient walls from the time before the great plague happened. The weather was hot. Not just hot, HOT. As in hot enough to make your skin melt off into a puddle at your feet.

We walked up a large hill, past some old churches (which we will tour tomorrow) and into a park. On the way up, we saw some ruins from the time of Jesus!! It was breathtakingly beautiful. The views were stunning. The river rhône was magnificent. Also, I could see le pont d’avingnon, or the bridge of Avingnon. There is a famous French Children’s song about this bridge, much like “London bridge is falling down” but much more cheerful.

We had a typical French dinner- it took over 2 hours. Very different from at home.

I am exhausted. The hot day transformed into a beautiful evening.

I am lucky and glad to be here!!!!









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