Feeding hippos

Good evening. I am going to write a lot here, so please bear with me! Two days worth! Aiii!
Yesterday we went to Le Pal, an amusement park/zoo. It was an awesome combination. I wonder why there aren’t more places like that. The weather was cloudy, which was perfect! We didn’t get too hot. Also, the park was basically deserted. Excellent!
I would like to inform y’all that I went on every single ride. Some multiple times!
There were three roller coasters, which were rather awesome. I also rode the merry go round with my youngest cousin.
The awesome thing about le pal was the gouter des animaux, or the feeding of the animals. Visitors can see the animals eat and ask questions to the zoo keepers. (…in French.) We saw the feeding of the giraffes, white handed gibbons, elephants and hippopotamus.
The hippos were the coolest. And by coolest I mean most disgusting. Hippos are the most dangerous animal in Africa. They can snap a crocodile in half with their teeth. Picture that. Now replace the reptile (or amphibian….who cares, just google it.) with an apple or a carrot. Disgusting yet oddly cool. I have a ton of respect for this creature. And by respect I mean good ol’ fashioned fear. And by fear I mean terror.
For dinner I had my first French McDonalds. Very good. Imagine a chic modern restaurant with an M on the front. I had a burger. Meat, cheese (real cheese, not American crap), ketchup and chopped onions (they looked hand chopped) on a chabatta bun. And yes, I can’t figure out how to spell that type of bread. Whatever, google it.
I then returned to my room at 730, intending to take a 30 minute nap. I woke up at 2 am. Whoops!!
This morning, I received word that my family has acquired a new dog. A black lab/Bassett hound mix who they are calling Maxine. (Maxine Holmes, if you are reading this, I send my deepest regrets. I promise to not play fetch with you. )
After that hoopla, the day began as it should- with tea, pain au chocolat, and a kiwi. However, today was not an ordinary day. It was my cousin Leona’s tenth birthday. That’s right, double digits.
I spent the afternoon (which was rainy per usual- bleh) with my pseudo cousin Clemence. She is beautiful and wonderfully sweet. She has a cute kitten- polka!
This evening, we had birthday cake. I gave Leona an oversized KU basketball sweatshirt. I am planning on continuing my fashion trends to a younger generation.
Tomorrow we depart for Avingnon, a town located in the south of France. At one time there were many popes, and one of them lived in Avingnon. I am very excited, as it is supposed to be 90 degrees every day. We will be gone through the weekend. I dont know if I can blog, but rest assured I will have a splendid time!







One thought on “Feeding hippos

  1. danielandkellytravel June 19, 2012 / 4:00 PM

    I would love to feed a hippo. Would be so damn scary but crazy cool too!!

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