Rivers and naps and Americans, OH MY

Happy fathers day!! It is the same holiday here in France.

Today was awesome per usual. How can it go wrong when it starts with a pain au chocolat and a kiwi?

I watched the babe for an hour. There was no crying!!!!!!! Big accomplishment.

I then took a nice long nap. It was very difficult as I didn’t know if I should sleep in the sun or the shade. (Don’t fret, I did some of each!) I listened to Simon and garfunkel as I slept. I am very anti garfunkel for some reason.

We all went and played putt putt near the river. I believe that the French are terrible at mini golf as par averaged around five strokes per hole.

Dinner was fantastic! We ate along the river. I had a salad chèvre chaud, which means warm goat cheese on lettuce with honey. It was good. My French uncle of sorts, Guy, ordered a steak “bleu” which essentially means “raw.” I had a bite. It didn’t taste that bad, just squishy. However, I could not get over the fact that it was only warm on the outside and the possibility of food born pathogens. And the blood. THE BLOOD.

Tonight I brave the mosquitos to hang out with some American girls my age. I met them when shopping with my aunt and mother. They are from Arizona- super nice! One of them even knows where Kearney is!

We met up with their friends from Austria. They are super nice, super cute and super European. What nice girls. I like to believe I impressed them with my knowledge of the German word for vacuum cleaner.

I hope I get to hang out with them soon, maybe tomorrow night!





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