What happens in Degas stays in Degas

Bon soir! Here is two days worth of blogging. Bear with me-I’m on my iPhone.
Yesterday we started off by going to the Musee D’Orseé. The museum is actually an old train station. It is beautiful! I went last year, but my mom wanted to see all of the beautiful impressionist paintings. Last year it was under construction, so many more paintings were displayed this time around.
The big exhibition was Degas and his nude works. Hence the title. It was a new grouping of his collection, and it was actually very beautiful. He drew a lot of ladies in the bathtub, which can only lead me to believe one thing- the French are notorious nudists. Not gonna lie, it sounds rather intriguing….
After that, it rained. Go figure. We found our way to the flagship longchamp store- I love leather! This whole vegan thing may not work out. They have a new leather pliage collection-how expensive and beautiful.
We walked around some ritzy shops , where we saw a photo shoot!!! Then we made our way back to our neighborhood, where the evening was finished with some more exceptional gelato.
Today we took the train to Vichy. It is wonderful to be surrounded by my beautiful French family. They are great. GREAT, I tell you!!! We ate macaroons. Delish. I am going to have gained 20 kilos by the time I return. It was a great evening of “fringlish.”
Now I’m going to bed.
Also, seriously considering chopping my hair.








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