Remember that time we climbed the Eiffel Tower?

Sorry this is late- I was super tired last night. We just returned from our day in champagne, but more about that later. I am writing this as we make a quick costume change before dinner.
Yesterday I decided to wear my linen capris. Big deal. They look French AND they were not my jeans. It has been on the chilly side here. Anyways, yesterday morning we went to the Pompidou Centre. My mom really enjoyed the Matisse impressionist exhibit, where I liked the interactive exhibit at the end. Clips of movies would play in random order on different screens, and in between the clash’s “should I stay or should I go” would play, which caused drumsticks on snare drums to vibrate and create a light drumming noise.
After a lunch, we decided to hit up la tour eiffel. When we got there, we saw that one of the elevators was under renovations and that we could walk up to the second level. Who could pass that up? While we couldn’t walk to the very top, we walked pretty darn high- 669 steps. I’m not sure how many feet that is because everything is in meters. It was super awesome. My legs were quivering afterwords, my moms were not.
We then headed to the famous champs élysées. It was packed. Yesterday was te anniversary of d-day (jour-j in French) so we saw a group of soldiers lining up for a parade or something.
Dinner was at Relais de L’Entrecote, also known as the angel tear steak place to my family. It was DELICIOUS. all I ever dreamed of. I ate every single bite, even though I wasn’t hungry at the end. My mom loved it as well. We sat next to a nice couple from Luxembourg.
Now, off to the Latin quarter.









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