Billets billets billets

Hello- here is the blog from today (technically yesterday here.)
If you are wondering about the title, billet is the French word for ticket. If you are French, it is pronounced “bee-yay.” if you are my mother, it is pronounced “bill-ehts,” rhyming with bullets.
That’s right folks- janbran and ambran took the train!
We went to Epernay, which is located in the champagne region of France. The weather was wonderful- partly cloudy with only a few showers. (I did not mean for the above to sound sarcastic- it was actually wonderful weather.)
Epernay is a small-ish town. Most all shops close from 12-14 (12-2 for you ‘muricans.) we spent all day in this quaint village. I learned sooo much about champagne!
We toured some cellars. They are meters upon meters below the ground, carved out of chalk deposits. It was very very chilly down there- 11 degrees Celsius ! I’m guessing that is about -60 degrees fahrenheit.
One of the cellars was used as a hospital during WWI. Pretty stinking cool! There was graffiti carved into te walls, words praising Napoleon and the like.
The country was beautiful. It was rather nice to get away from the city and smell some fresh air.
Tonight we ate (French) onion soup in the Latin quarter for dinner. Saw the Sorbonne. Janbran had her first crepe! Also I got us lost on the subway…whoops! First time that has happened!!
Bonne nuit!!

Ps saw a kid on a leash today. Cracked up. It looked like something a dog would wear.











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