Highlight reel

Bon soir!
It is just before midnight here. Today was an awesome day- chilly at first, but the sun came out. Today I showed my mom all of mes choses favorites (favorite things).
Favorite church- saint chappelle, with it’s intricate stained glass windows depicting the biblical stories. It is interesting to hear people’s reactions when the first see the windows- a large audible gasp.
Favorite market- marche aux fleurs.
Favorite neighborhood- île saint Louis. Such a quaint and neat area, we did a ton of shopping before grabbing a baguette sandwich for lunch.
Favorite English attraction- the bookstore Shakespeare and company. All the books are English and only first language English speakers can work there. Very neat. They have a reading room, a piano, and working typewriters!
Favorite park- jardin des plantes, a type of botanical garden with numerous flowers and sunny benches.
Favorite café- located three blocks from our hotel is café la fuseé. We had a meat and cheese tray for dinner.
Favorite gelato- the best ice cream of my life. My mother said she loved it too! Best flavor- salted carmel.









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