Ugly American


It has been raining on and off here all day. Good thing I forgot my umbrella and jacket!!
Most of the creighton students are leaving tomorrow, so it was a bittersweet day.
I went to the champs-elysse today. It was one of the only places where the shops were open since today was dimanche. An abercrombie and Fitch opened last year on the famed boulevard. I could smell the perfume from the store across five lanes of traffic! It was rather sad- there was a long line to get into the store. The other clothes here are so chic, I can’t imagine that people would pay for ugly American clothes.
Tonight we had an end of the program picnic. It was beautiful on the seine!
If you are wondering why this is entitled “ugly American” look no farther. I was given the task Of carrying ten. (yes, TEN) baguettes during rush hour on the
Metro. I got some very strange looks. Whatever, not that different from a typical day here 🙂
Then I got a crepe. Yum.
I can’t wait to see my mother tomorrow!!!







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