Beads on beads on beads


Today was the first day of lifeguard training. I am exhausted, but I thought I would share an interesting program we have at our pool.

I am a goal-oriented person. This is something I have learned about myself. KPR utilizes a bead program.

If you know anything about aquatics, you know that a whistle is a lifeguard’s best friend. The program consists of plastic beads being given out when certain goals or benchmarks are reached.

Let’s take a look at my lanyard:

  • six yellow beads. A yellow bead represents a summer of employment.
  • two green beads. Greens represent certifications the employee has.
  • one red bead. Reds stand for rescues.
  • two blue beads. Blues are given out for fitness requirements surpassed.
  • six white beads. White beads are a big deal. They are called manager’s beads and are given out by a manager when an employee goes above and beyond their job.
  • a star bead. Star beads denote head lifeguards.
  • a pink bow. The bow is dedicated to one of our former lifeguards, Moriah Panter, who passed away this year.

The nice thing about this system is that it allows others to immediately know a large amount of information about another person’s employment history.

Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a universal bead system? Just picture heads of state wearing lanyards to meetings and sizing each other up.


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