Call me Al

My last fashion blog about salmon shorts was a smashing success. Within five hours, it became the most read blog on my site EVER. Naturally, this means one thing- people want to see more fashion blogs. (After watching an all day marathon of Project Runway with my mother, I am more than happy to oblige.)

Right now, there are probably questions swirling around your brain, such as:

  • Wow, is she REALLY that vain? I mean, come on! (Answer: Yes. Deal with it.)
  • Why isn’t Amanda famous yet? (I ask myself this all the time- I even wrote about it.)
  • What season of Project Runway was it? (Two, circa 2005. I think Santino should have won over Chloe, but whatever.)

The most important question is this one- What inspired this look? Besides my favorite fashion website, the ManRepeller, the inspiration is none other than Paul Simon. This all began after I checked out a book of Simon’s sheet music from the Kearney Public Library. After much research and discussion with my father, I stumbled upon a hidden gem of music that is unappreciated by the masses today- Paul Simon’s solo album “Graceland.” **NOTE- in order to read any further, you must promise to open this youtube link in another tab and listen to the song on repeat while browsing my blog.

My sister, Emma, was the photographer again. If you are feeling brave, go ahead and look at the photos below:

I am wearing: a purple v-neck, jeans, glasses, sunglasses, a blue scarf and a leopard jacket. This jacket is a merging of life’s best materials- silk, polyester and nylon. What’s not to love? Now for the play-by-play:

  1. Here I am from far away. Don’t notice the fact that I trespassed on my neighbor’s lawn. Rather, notice the striking leopard pattern.
  2. Fierce. You can’t tell, but I am wearing my spectacles underneath those plastic sunglasses.  Us blind people need sun protection too! (No, I am not actually blind, and I mean to offence to people who are visually challenged.) Also, the scarf has moved from my neck to my hand. As I said, Fierce.
  3. So eighties. So scary.
  4. Emma and I got artsy at dusk by the air conditioning unit. Note the shapeless fit of the jacket.
  5. Me removing the jacket.
  6. Typical tree pose. I felt very at home in nature.
  7. Channeling my inner leopard. Ke$ha would be proud.
  8. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. I learned all my moves from Mulan.
  9. Me, pouncing on life.
  10. No words.
  11. typical jumping shot.
  12. My new dance move.

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