Salmon Shorts

Hello and happy Monday.

This is my first ever fashion blog. It includes many pictures of me. If think makes you uncomfortable/think I am vain, you are probably correct in your assumptions.

I recently made one of the best purchases of my life- salmon shorts. So versatile, so spunky, so salmon-y. Bold, yet refined, like an Applebee’s that has valet parking.

Also, if you haven’t heard, my modeling career is taking off like a rocket. It all began with me being discovered on the Creighton Homepage. Then, my photo was placed on the AP Wire. Recently, I was featured on the homepage of the Kearney Hub and the Midlands section of the Omaha World Herald. This can only lead me to believe one thing- People love looking at me. Why not give them what they want? Will I be the next Kate Moss? Probably not, because I just ate three fun sized Milky Way bars.

So, here are some of my most recent modeling shots. Inspiration came from my favorite fashion blog- The Man Repeller. All photographs were taken by my sister, Emma Brandt. She was hesitant at first and proceeded to ask Siri to take my photo for me. However, she rolled her eyes and the photo shoot began. The whole thing was finished in two minutes.

If you dare, click on the photos to begin a slide show. Scary, but it is a risk worth taking. I will describe each in detail below:

Photo 1: This is me attacking the camera. Please note the men’s shirt and lack of beauty products.

Photo 2:Look at the toe extension. Tyra Banks taught me that. Also, if you look closely, you can see the neighbor getting their mail in the background.

Photo 3: Here I am, blending into my natural habitat. They don’t call me ‘Mandie Branchie’ for nothing!

Photo 4: This is one of my best looks. The salmon shorts pucker in all the right places.

Photo 5: Here I am, laughing!

Photo 6: I like to call this one “Don’t look before you leap. In fact, you shouldn’t even open your eyes.”

Photo 7: This is me, running away from the camera. I was imaging the camera was a large pile of homework.

Photo 8: Ah….My signature pose- the Chicken. It took me years to perfect the arm tucking. Also, look at my hair in its natural state.

Photo 9: Here I am, imitating an airplane.

Photo 10: For the big finale, I thought I would do my best “TA-DA” pose. The wind added a nice effect here.

Now if you excuse me, I must go eat more candy bars.



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