Good afternoon. It has been 19 days since I last blogged. Sorry. I am working on many posts, including one called “The Great Squirrel Attack of 2012.” Details to follow.

Today, while studying for finals in the Kenefick laundry room, I was thinking about all the things that have changed over the past year. And no, I am not talking about The Royal Wedding / Anniversary. I was talking about myself. Here is a brief overview of some of the highlights from last year’s April 29th.

  • I traveled to France
  • I declared my major- Journalism!
  • I got a twitter after watching the NYTimes documentary “Page One.”
  • My obsession with stars only grew stronger
  • I was vegan for 36 hours.
  • I had a job for approx 2 months.
  • I discovered the beauty of Robert Frost’s poetry. (Here is my favorite one-
  • I made some amazing new friendships
  • I took on significant leadership positions
  • My hair grew longer
  • I got an iPhone.
  • I had two different and wonderfully fantastic roommates
  • I learned how to make basic dynamic webpages!
  • My dog died.
  • I got food poisoning for the first time! (Thanks a lot, Java Jay!)
  • I wore my glasses 99.5% of the time
  • I became Creighton Famous!
  • I learned how a newspaper is made
  • I began blogging frequently
  • I am no longer a teenager.
  • I decided I liked coffee, then vehemently decided I hated it.
  • I discovered my secret love for the field of Philosophy

Now for some things that didn’t change over the past year:

  • I improved my friendships with some really cool people
  • My hair still doesn’t match that of the girls in my sorority.
  • I still spend too much time on the internet
  • I still like to study in laundry rooms
  • Raisins are the best!
  • I like musicals
  • I still talk really loudly. And frequently. And sometimes high-pitched.
  • While laundry rooms are great places, doing laundry is the worst.
  • I will be working at the pool this summer.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. I hope that your year was as full as this many discoveries and experiences!



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