Arches, or my St. Louis Easter

Good evening! I hope this finds you well and fantastically recharged from a long Easter break!

(A positive of going to a Catholic school– 2 days off for Jesus’ resurrection!)

I had a splendid time with my friends in the wonderful city of St. Louis. I had never been to ‘the Lou’ before, but I am happy to report that this spot gets my seal of approval. I think it may be only because there were no evil cats where I stayed- only cute puppies.

I feel like I did  many things native St. Losers do. **Note: I made up that term. It does not reflect my opinions on the kind people of the Show Me State.** I would like to speak to the many similarities between all of human life, as what happened to me over Easter break were probably had by all of you reading this- I hurt myself, I laughed a lot, I slept, I shopped, I discovered allergies, I traveled, I ate, and I went up in a tiny capsule to the top of a large arch.

Just kidding, I was being facetious with the last one. A more detailed explanation of selected:

Me with the jungle of the City Museum in the background.
  • I hurt myself: I went to the famous City Museum in downtown St. Louis. This is not an actual museum. (Sorry father, I did not go to an official museum on this vacation. I promise I have not let you down.) It is an old shoe factory that has been transformed into a giant play place of sorts. IT IS SO COOL. I felt like I was five again! I saw a large ornamental doorknob collection. I watched young circus performers-in-training. I went down a ten story slide. This is where I hurt myself. The slide was covered with metal slats, so people do not fall to their death. Understandable. I am alllllll about safety. However, I am also a tall female. (I am currently working on a post entitled “My life as a tall female.”) I somehow managed to whack my patella (KNEE CAP) on the bars. I have a large and painful bruise, which made my foray into Catholicism rather difficult. **SEE BELOW** Bruises aside, I had a wonderful time at this notable attraction.
That is my wayyyy up high in a slinky-like tube. It was much higher than it looks.
  • I ate: I ate at a place called Ted Drewes. It is an ice cream stand. It was delicious. (Yes, you St. Losers, I know it is actually ‘custard’. However, us uncultured people in the Midwest call it ice cream.) I got a wonderful creation- ice cream blended with a piece of apple pie. Also, I saw Mr. Drewes and his wife, Dottie! I am ashamed to admit I was too shy to approach these living legends, who own the business.
  • I discovered allergies: Incense. The wonderful family who was kind enough to host me happened to be Catholic. This isn’t unusual, as I attend a Catholic school. I am all for trying out faith traditions that are different than mine! On Easter Sunday, I went to a beautiful Catholic mass, the first I had attended all year. Because Easter is a momentous occasion in the church, there was incense used in the service. Mucho incense. When the incense was brought down the aisle, I began sneezing. My nose was filled with an unfamiliar smell that tickled my nostrils. Other than that, I had a splendid time pretending to be Catholic! **Translation: Mumbling because I didn’t know the words, Looking silly because I asked for a program of the service, sitting with the little children during Eucharist/Communion, Loudly interrupting the silence at the end of the Lord’s Prayer with my speaking of the final words, Startling like a baby bunny when the priest flicked holy water on me, and sneezing when the incense was used.** I seriously did really enjoy experiencing another faith tradition! Also, a lot of kneeling occurs during a mass. If you have basic reading comprehension skills, you will remember that I currently have a bruised patell. Ouch.  Next time I know to prepare myself for the incense.
  • I went to the top of the St. Louis Gateway Arch! That’s right, I ascended 630 feet into the air! It was lovely, even with the tiny tram I had to take.

    Me (the giantess) with some of the best - and shortest - people on earth outside of the arch.

So that pretty much sums up my joyous break from Omaha. Now, back to the real world!


One thought on “Arches, or my St. Louis Easter

  1. Blue Sky Happy April 13, 2012 / 2:32 PM

    Loved reading about your visit to the Lou! Glad you had a good time here. Being the Catholic gilr that I am, I must tell you, I found your story of Easter Mass to be seriously entertaining. The incense burning is rough! Like headache-inducing rough for me. Way to be a trooper!

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