Spring Fever, or The sun is hot today

The sun is hot today. Well, let me modify that a bit. The sun is extremely warm EVERY day. However, its effects on Earth are being strongly felt today in Omaha.

Many people whine about the heat. “I feel like I’m melting, I feel sweaty, I wish it were cold, I got sunburned, etc.”

I, on the other hand, LOVE the warm weather. Perhaps it comes from working at a pool for five years. Perhaps I am just a logical person who always uses sunscreen. (You should use sunscreen too! Wrinkles can be prevented!)

There is one issue with this heat. No, it’s not looking constantly sweaty. It’s not that half of the student body suffers from extreme allergies and looks like they are crying. It’s what I like to call ‘Spring Fever.’

Spring Fever is a real thing. I am not talking about hay fever or allergies. I am talking about not wanting to do anything except read fashion magazines under the shade of a tree and working on your safe, SPF protected tan.

Here is a typical example of Spring Fever in my own life:¬†History paper due Wednesday? Need to clean your room? Ah, I’ll get it done some other time. Right now, I’m going to go be a human in my natural habitat and enjoy the splendor of the outside world in all of its glory.

Procrastination is in full swing during a bout of Spring Fever. Class attendance is at an all-time low. Deodorant is being applied in astronomical numbers.

Do any of you faithful readers have an anecdote or solution to Spring Fever? If so, PLEASE SHARE.

Well, enough of this. I’m going to go read a fashion magazine under a tree.


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