My MN adventure in Richfield High School

Holy Smokes!! What a longggg and fantastic day! I am currently sitting in my friend’s bedroom, blogging and listening to Simon and Garfunkel’s record (yes, record) “Sounds of Silence.” Needless to say, I feel very cool right now.

Today was great! Had a ton of fun at Region Days. I really love Delta Zeta and I am actually looking forward to the six hour car ride home! So much fun music!

I spent many hours at the convention for Region VIII, which was held at Richfield High School. We were there from 8am-9:30pm. It was long, I am tired, but it was totally worth it! Our Theta Eta chapter won many prestigious awards.

While I had a fun and informative day, I also missed out on my Minnesota exprience. Let me tell you, it was COLD today in Minnesota. Also, high schools are pretty much the same here as in Nebraska. The only sight seeing we did was when we accidentally went the wrong direction. Whoops!

Also, there are cats here. one of them slept on my pillow all day today. SNEAKY CATS.


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