Why I am a big deal, or Creighton famous

Hello. I realize that I have been blogging like crazy lately. However, this is allowed when one is “a big deal.”

I know what you are thinking. “wow, is this girl conceited or what?”

I may be slightly conceited (after all, I am a blonde human). But have you checked out the creighton homepage lately? That’s http://www.creighton.edu. WA-BAM! There I am, a smiling happy college student.

I am a superstar.

(note- being the new face of Creighton doesn’t pay well. In fact, it doesn’t pay at all. Donations are welcomed!)

All joking aside, I am proud to represent CU in sassy way, even if it’s being in a group photo displayed on a random website. (Stop it, I’m blushing!) I love this university and most things about it. I love how my major is a smaller department and I know my professors. I love the thrill of seeing a Jesuit walk around campus. Heck, I even love all the statues! This is a truly wonderful institution.

Want to hear about my “photo shoot?” here’s the scoop- I was walking to my English class one sunny September morning when a photographer approached me. Okay, that may be a lie. Maybe he shouted out for everyone on the mall to pose for a picture. He snapped two or three shots and I continued on to English. Glamorous, right?


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