Things that confuse me

I am currently studying for a Computer Science test. Needless to say, I am confused. What the heck is a parseFloat function and how does it work with document.getElementById.value? Who knows? So I have decided to procrastinate and write the following list of things that confuse or puzzle me.

  • Computer Science
  • Politics. Bleh.
  • Aten vs. Eaten. Only one of these is a word. I can never get it right. In fact, I once said ‘aten’ when I was on stage. Whoops!
  • Why aren’t there more tulips at Creighton? (NOTE: this is a large issue for me.)
  • Why are some people obsessed with babies?
  • Drop Ceilings. I always get distracted by thinking about what the tiles are made out of. I also usually count them.
  • The future, pluperfect and conditional tenses in French.
  • Why do people only text me when I’m trying to nap??
  • AP style, used by journalists, dictates that journalists should not use the Oxford Comma. This confuses me, yet I will abide by its rules.
  • Why do people get so upset when their food touches? I am not a cruel-hearted person. I completely understand if you do not want your green beans and syrup touching. Gross. But carrots and rice? Really?
  • How come more people don’t see the genius that is this season of the Office?
  • Why am I not famous?
  • Why am I not studying for my test?
  • Why do I have to take computer science?
  • Why do I whine so much?
  • Who was Nietzsche so angry at?
  • America‘s fascination with Jennifer Lopez
  • Red-heads.
  • Charlie Brown. Why was Lucy always out to get him??
  • Why are there no more grape Dum-Dum suckers left? (I know the answer to this one. It’s because I ate all of them first, as grape is the best flavor.)
  • Why do some people hate grape flavoring?
  • Why did my dog have to die?
  • Why am I procrastinating studying?

Well, that wraps up this long and rambling list. I shall return to studying. Wish me luck! Test in nine hours….





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