Mini Reeses Cups, or Why my friends rock

My friends are the best. Let me elaborate.

Sometimes life is a struggle. Example: five minutes I spilled a large amount of glitter on the carpet in my room. Sigh. The glitter did not land into one tidy pile. Oh, no. The glitter instead formed a trail, a la Hansel and Gretel.

My friends are great because they help me when I am struggling. They will chip in with a kind word of encouragement or grab a dust pan and help me sweep up glitter. Which is actually impossible to do. They will also bring you candy. I am currently noshing on miniature Reese’s cups one of my friend gave me. Delicious. Irresistable. A great way to bring a smile to your face for multiple reasons: chocolate, peanut butter, and a reminder of friendship.

Sometimes life is disappointing. Example: Today the Spring Fling artist was announced. Spring Fling is a concert event and the performer is always a closely guarded secret until the day of the reveal. I was walking down the mall in the beautiful weather, straining my ears to hear what music was playing. From quite a distance away I believed I heard the faint strains of Jack Johnson, one of my favorite artists. As I approached, I discovered it was a country artist I had never heard of before. I have nothing against country, but the disappointment of it not being my favorite artist was a slight let down.

My friends are great because they help me when life is disappointing. Things don’t always work out. Friends are there to give you a pat on the back and a push in the right direction when you need it most. They will tell you funny jokes and give  you pep talks. They will help you realize that things really aren’t that bad, especially when mini Reese’s cups are involved.

Sometimes we act stupid. Example: today I tried to type the word “fictual” on my computer over and over. I became extremely frustrated when a squiggly red line kept appearing under that word. After five minutes of confusion and feeling superior to machines, I realized that the word I was looking for was “fictional.” Nice one.

My friends are great because they forgive me when I do dumb things such as try to invent words. They understand and move on. They are also helpful when you can’t figure out why a word keeps coming up as incorrect.

This is why my friends are great.

If you are my friend I would like to say thanks.


One thought on “Mini Reeses Cups, or Why my friends rock

  1. dad March 28, 2012 / 8:18 PM


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