This I Believe


It has been quite a while. Sorry about that. 

Anyways, I am currently part of the Wareham Women’s Leadership Program, which concludes today. Every participant had to write a “This I Believe” statement. If you aren’t familiar with the program, google it. 


Here is mine:

I believe that the good time is now. Let me explain.

I believe that I am a valuable member of society and I have the ability to make a great and worthy contribution. I may have not done anything of note yet in my 19 years, but I feel like I am destined to do at least one great thing in my life. 

Why do I believe this? Because I think that everyone has the ability to do one great thing in their life.  I have been blessed with a wonderful support system. However, I need to ensure that I am concentrated on right now, and not just the future.

Life can get very stressful and busy. Being a college student, I have realized the dangers of getting over-involved. Life isn’t good then. It is stressful and miserable and lonely.

In participating in the Wareham Program, I discovered this fact that truly struck me- how I am living right now will be how I live the rest of my life. I can’t keep postponing my mental wellbeing and happiness to some random future milestone. Now should be the good time, not twenty years from now. It is imperative that begin making my contribution right now.

Everyone always looks back and says “Those were the days. Life was good, times were easy and I had fun.” Well guess what? Life isn’t going to get easy. This I have discovered. Times will be what you make them. This then leads me to my conclusion- Why can’t the good days be today? How about tomorrow? Every day should be good. I’m not discounting the normal ups and downs of life, but overall, one should enjoy life, starting NOW.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring! I need to remember that the good times are occurring right now, all around me. I must take the time to see beauty in everyday occurrences. For example, I like to realize and value the wonderful and amazing people who are all around me. Creighton is chock full of fantastic human beings, and I should learn to appreciate them now, not at a college reunion.

I also like looking at nature. Some may scoff and say “Nature in the middle of an urban environment?” Yes, I say. This is like a challenge for me. Finding a part of nature in the concrete can be difficult, but finding a piece of life keeps me grounded. It also helps me realize that I am not the only person trying to make it in their non-natural habitat. My favorite discovery has been two finches that live under the overpass I walk beneath every day. Their songs are beautiful and delicate and add a nice contrast to the sounds of exhaust pipes working overtime to drive up a hill.  

Where was I? I was distracted by the beautiful things that currently surround my life. Oh yes- Remember, the good time is now. This I believe. 


p.s. I can’t take full credit for this. I saw it on a magnet once. 





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