Hello and happy 2012!

I hope that your new year is going swimmingly so far. I spent mine lounging around and watching a “Murder, She Wrote” marathon on TV Land. Yes, I do realize that I am sixty. I also don’t care. Angela Lansbury is quite the crime-solving writer.

This time of year, people make many resolutions, myself included. I thought that by putting mine up on the internet for all to see might make me stick to them more!

They are:
1) Talk Smarter. I want to, like, quit saying, like, ya know, like so much and stuff. I also wish to build my vocabulary. People will take me more seriously if I sound smarter, ya know?

2) Bust stress. This past year I felt like I was always under the clock with a deadline looming and a million things to do. I realize that I need to manage my stress better. My life isn’t going to get easier unless I make it so. I need to find ways to relieve stress, which leads me to my next resolution…

3) Feel better about myself. I, Amanda, hereby resolve here, on my blog, in front of God and the entire World Wide Web, to exercise more and eat better. I always feel much better after going for a run, doing some sit ups, and eating a salad. However, healthy choices aren’t the only thing I can do to make myself more comfortable and confident. I can also put more work into my appearance. I mean, t-shirts and ponytails don’t really do much to make one feel beautiful. So I resolve to dress more what the kids are calling ‘hip’ today. Because who doesn’t want to feel pretty and confident? I also realize that this may require me to spend more **GASP** money on clothes and make-up. Challenge accepted.

4) Blog more. When I was in France, and I blogged daily, writing became part of my daily habit. Let me tell you, I could have written a novel. However, when life takes over and I get busy, I will sit at the computer and have nothing to say. I really do like writing. It can only help my writing skills improve and my voice develop, not to mention provide a creative outlet. So, I will try to blog weekly. Well, maybe every other week.  Who knows? (I have a christmas adventure post in the works…stay tuned!)

So, there it is. My goals, aspirations, standards to live up to next year. If you see me, please please PLEASE nag me to do any of the above. Or buy me clothes and drag me to the gym. I would greatly appreciate it.

Do YOU have any resolutions? What do you think of mine?



p.s. I realize this current theme stinks.  I’m workin’ on it!


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