Working the desk.


It has been a long time since  I have blogged. In my defense, I have been extremely busy with school, homework, activities, and meetings. (I KNOW I KNOW. I am also lazy.) Hopefully this will become a more regular thing.

Right now, I am working. Yes, at 12:42 a.m., or for those of you who use military time like me (YES I use military time. It makes me feel French and smart), 0:42. I work at the front desk of a residence hall on campus. The desk is staffed 24 hours a day, which adds a great level of security and comfort to the dorms, but makes certain desk workers extremely tired. Every Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I work from 11pm to 2 am. Fun stuff.

I love my job! It is very fun and relatively easy. I have GREAT coworkers. I get to see tons of people and study at the same time. Working this late night shift is very entertaining. Some fun things that have happened to me while working:

-Someone came in with a styrofoam food container that one gets at restaurants. I asked, trying to be chipper and polite per usual, “What’s in that box?”. They answered, “Pizza from Goodnights!”. Me-“Yum! Smells delicious!”. Them- “You want it?”. Me-“Sure….”. After THOROUGHLY analyzing the pizza to make sure there was no poison on it, I ate the free pizza. It was delicious, just as I expected.

-I was told that my perkiness and broad smiles at 2am, when coupled with my “microphone voice”, scares certain people. At first, I was taken aback. Who WOULDN’T want to be greeted with smiles and happiness? After all, a residence hall is like somebody’s home. There may not be a smiling mom greeting you with a hot plate of cookies or neatly folded laundry, but I like to think that a cheerful smile is just as sufficent.

-I went to the drinking fountain to fill up my water bottle one night, and there was a couple SNUGGLING on the couch in the lobby. I do not think that I need to describe the amount of grossness that allows two full-sized people to fit onto one small couch. Vomit. Use your imagination. Now, I could have been nice and let the lovebirds be, but instead I told my co-worker, Melanie, to go check it out. Needless to say, she was flabbergasted as well.

-One night, Melanie and I had a small dance party with a group of people standing in the lobby.  self-explanatory.

-My favorite thing to do behind the desk is to creep on people’s pictures on their student ID cards. There are many funny faces, and I have spotted one cowboy hat. Classy. ALSO, Melanie and I discovered a fake ID hanging out among the other ones. I know you aren’t from Pennsylvania….

-Every night, after my 2am shift gets over, I have public safety give me a ride back to my dorm. Every week, the same officer is dispatched to come get me. We have wonderous chats.

So, this is basically all I do. Work, eat pizza from strangers, have random dance parties, and laugh at people’s bad ID pictures. Sounds like a good life to me!



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