The Great Laundry Debacle


The last time I posted was a month ago- UNACCEPTABLE on my part. I have been very busy starting this school year off right. Bottom line: I love Creighton, I love Omaha, I love my friends. But you already knew that.

I am here to tell you about the Great Laundry Debacle of 2011. For the faint of heart, you may wish to look away.

It all started out as a normal Saturday afternoon.  I woke up, went to the Farmer’s Market (where I purchased some FABULOUS granola), did some homework, and then decided to do some laundry. I gathered all of my dirty clothes, took them downstairs, divided them into two loads, and put them in the washers. Then I went to pay. Normally, I can swipe my Creighton ID card and pay using Jaybuck$.  Yes, I do realize how dumb it is to spell something with a dollar sign.   A Jaybuck is money put on my card for such purposes. I did not put any Jaybuck$ on my card this year, because I helped out with Welcome Week (freshman orientation), and all the helpers are paid in Jaybuck$. I just assumed that the money was on my card.  However, it wasn’t. It must be held up in paperwork or something.

I swipe my card, and the machine beeps INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. I have never had insufficient funds in my life before! I needed four dollars to do my laundry. I had ninety-five cents on my card.  No problem, I thought to myself, I will just use cash.  I run up to my room and discover my smallest bill is a ten.  The change machine only accepts George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s. Bummer. I go to the front desk and ask if they have change. They don’t. I knock on my neighbor’s door. Nobody is home. Not wanting to get discouraged, I decide to prioritize my laundry into one load. Surely I can scrounge up two dollars in change!

That is where I went wrong. I did not have five pennies. Literally. I only could find four.  Now Eurocents  I had plenty of, not to mention with the exchange rate I probably have a couple of dollars.  Unfortunately, European money does not work in Creighton University washing machines.  At this point I have been running around for half an hour trying to wash my soiled garments. Unwilling to admit defeat, I went on the internet and loaded ten dollars on my Jaybuck$ account.  What a crazy world is it that electronic money is more accessible and easier to use than paper money? Well, I suppose it is this one.

There are two morals to the story.  The first is to always make sure you have sufficient funds before doing an action, such as placing your clothes in a washing machine.  The second is to always scout out and protect your quarters.  Note: If you, the gentle reader, happen to have a pile of old, dirty, unused quarters, I would be more than willing to take them off of your hands.

Have a great Labor day!



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