Best Week Ever.

Bonjour! Sorry that I havent been blogging that frequently.  My days here are busy but relaxing.  Also, I am typing on a French computer, which has a different keyboard, not QWERTY.  Très difficult! it takes a long time to write. So bear with me please;

Guy et Jeannine are angels.  They treat me as if I were their own daughter.  I am having tons of fun, and speaking tons of french! Yesterday, I went to the market with Jeannine. We bought tons of bread, fruit, and vegetables.  It is very different than Walmart! (much better).  Then We returned and I took a nap.  I know, <i have a hard life.  🙂

In the afternoon I hung out with a distant cousin and some of her friends.  Cami is seventeen and just about to take the Bac, a very hard test all high schoolers have to take.  It was very interesting to hear about all of the differences between a,erican schools and french schools.  They dont have sports, clubs, a mascot, school dances or a prom, or even a graduation ceremony.  Also, almost no students have a job during the school year.  Very different.

Last night, we went to a wonderful little resturant.  Dessert was crepes suzette! it comes out on fire, flambe! Today we are going into town to do some major shopping! wahoo! Then we are going to a book signing.  There is an american author who had one of his books translated into french;  Pete Fromm.  He writes nature/adventure stories i think.  He is from Montana.  It will be interesting to see another american here in Vichy.

Well thats about it§

love you all,



One thought on “Best Week Ever.

  1. Grandpa & Wade June 9, 2011 / 7:16 PM

    Wow! What a fabulous adventure you are having, Amanda! When you get back and come to Denver, we will go to a French restaurant, and you can do the ordering ——in French!

    We also missed you this past week, but now it is over, and we move on!

    Can’t wait to hear all of your tales “in person”.

    Luv ya as always,
    Grandpa & Wade

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