The Last Supper (In Paris)

The spot where Hailey and I had our picnic. It was beautiful!

Good evening! It just began pouring here.  Thunder, lightening, the whole bit! It is beautiful.  Much more intense than last night.  Fun fact: the French have an expression for rain like this- “It is raining strings”.  It is similar to our cats and dogs. 

Today was pretty relaxed.  If you read my earlier post, you know that I packed.  I am proud to say that I am 95% packed, and the suitcase isn’t even bulging yet! Tomorrow will be interesting, don’t know if I will blog.  We have to leave the room by noon, and my train to Vichy leaves at one.  My biggest fear is getting my suitcase through the turnstile on the metro.  It shall be interesting, as I have no upper body strength and I have been caught in between the door and the turnstile many a time….

We all gathered at noon and went to Bercy.  It is an area that is similar to the Old Market in Omaha in the fact that there are old buildings transformed into shops and restaurants.  You all know how I love the metro, right? Well on our way to Bercy we took line 14, the newest line.  It is fully automated, with no human drivers or anything! You can (and I did) sit in the front and see out, and pretend you were driving the metro!   There was a festival going on, so there were all types of dance exhibitions going on in the park.  I saw an interesting modern jazz piece.  Let’s just say that I prefer more ‘classical’ performances.  Hailey and I then returned to the Jardin des Plantes, where we had experienced the ginormous rose walkway the first week.  It was pretty crowded, being a Sunday, but it was as lovely as ever.  It was kind of a full circle experience.  (The lightening was just spectacular! The windows shook and everything!)  Our lovely time at the garden was cut short when I got a massive bloody nose.  Neither of us had any tissues or anything, but a lovely angel of a lady ran over and gave me a pack of Kleenexes

I continued packing and cleaning.  At seven we all met for dinner.  We went to a cheaper place, but it was fun to have one last supper all together.  There are eleven students on this trip, including me.  I knew one of them before I came.  Now I cannot imagine  having the wonderful experiences I did without them by my side.  We all bonded in a special way that happens when you are the only ones who you can communicate with! These past three weeks, I haven’t had my cell phone, been on facebook, or watched the news.  I am living in a blissful oblivion.  My fellow classmates, and my professor and his wife, have been my only source of entertainment, aside from the wonderful City of Lights.  I have made ten really good friends through this trip, and I can’t wait to see them all again at Creighton next year. 

It was actually one of the girls

The beautiful roses at the Jardin des Plantes. I'm so glad I got to return!

birthday today! To celebrate, Dr. V and Professor Maenza took us all out for that delicious gelato! I decided to be adventurous and have mint chocolate chip and popcorn.  That’s right, popcorn! It was surprisingly delicious and satisfying.  Who knew that ice cream can be salty? We returned to the hotel it started pouring.  But, as it is our last night together, we are going to brave the weather and go get a beverage! It is the last time we will be able to all do this together, and it will be a bittersweet time. 

Hope I don’t get soaked, but don’t care if I do,



One thought on “The Last Supper (In Paris)

  1. dad June 6, 2011 / 7:27 AM

    Sounds like a perfect ending to a perfect trip. We will talk to you soon…love mom

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