Flea Market!

Shakespeare and Co at night. Look at all the books!

Bonsoir! I know this is technically my second entry today, but I figured I should write about what a wonderful day today was.

We started out at the Marche au Puces, or the Flea Market.  It was on the very edge of town, and very neat! There were people selling all kinds of things- CDs, candy, “Rolex” watches, old books, and jewelery.  I purchased a leather wallet from Morocco! There were many antique stores selling many cute things I could just picture on a mantle in a Parisian apartment….

Then there was a break! I took a quick nap and did some laundry in the tub.  NO way I was going back to the laundromat.  I hope my jeans dry in time to be packed.  My other two roommates left, so Hailey and I relished having the room semi-empty.  It was nice to relax.  I did some intense journaling!

There was a surplus, so we all got a free dinner tonight! Dr. V and Maria Theresa took us to Le Pave, a restaurant close to our hotel.  It was very delicious.  I realize that I cannot keep saying I have the best things of my life, as you will not believe me! However, these mashed potatoes I had were extraordinary.  They were a work of culinary art! They were paired perfectly with the steak and the beverages.  This dinner was very expensive and very relaxing, what a treat!

After diner we wandered over to Shakespeare and Company, by Notre Dame, to hear someone’s presentation.  The sky started to turn purple and there was magnificent lightning! We decided to go ahead and do my presentation on Saint Genevieve.  It was very dramatic as I was standing on a bridge with a statue of her.  On one side of the bridge there was Notre Dame lit up gloriously against the night sky and on the other there was wind and lightning and dark clouds.  Right as my presentation finished, rain drops began to fall! I like to think that Saint Genevieve helped out a little, as she is the patron saint of Paris, fever, drought, and excessive rain.  Maybe she held the rain back! Anyways, our long stretch of beautiful weather was finally broken! The rain is very lovely though.  It sounds nice against the windows, but it probably won’t help my jeans dry faster….

Have a wonderful evening and a pleasant tomorrow!


p.s. Here is a song I heard at my favorite place today.  I promptly looked it up and bought it.  I think you will recognize it…. http://youtu.be/rAE1vglkv7g


One thought on “Flea Market!

  1. Katie June 4, 2011 / 6:00 PM

    Love your descriptions and this blog! Hope you’re having an awesome time! Miss you

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