The best steak dinner of my life

Hello! It is 12:30 here and I am EXHAUSTED but having fun.  The program is starting to wind down and there is still much to do!

Today we met and went to the Musee d’Orsay.  It was under renovation and pretty crowded, but it was pretty cool.  Lots of impressionist and art nouveau works.  There were many famous works in this former train station.  There was an extensive Degas collection, including many of his famous paintings of dancers.  I saw his original bronze sculpture of the 14 year old dancer.  It is actually pretty small, not life-sized at all.  There were also beaucoup of Monet‘s paintings, as well as Bresson.  This was neat because I just went to Giverney and learned all about those two artists! The most famous paintings I saw were Van Gogh’s self portrait and others.  It is strange to see a world-famous painting hanging in front of your eyes. 

After everyone gathered in front of the museum, we took the RER train (basically a faster metro with fewer stops) to the Parc Andre Citroen.  This was one of the largest parks in Paris, over 32 acres of green space.  Located on the periphery of Paris next to the Seine, the park used to be the site of a huge car manufacturing plant, the Citroen plant.  It was beautiful here.  It hasn’t rained once! Dr. V had bought us some strawberries, cherries, soft drinks (I had sparking water), and pastries.  We then settled in for our last lecture.  After, we returned to the hotel and quickly got ready for dinner.

I can’t even tell you where we went for dinner.  I didn’t write down the name of the restaurant or take a picture, and I don’t remember the metro stop we got off at.  I am that tired and drained! I will ask Dr. V tomorrow.  Anyways, we all went and sat down.  The waitress came up and asked (In french of course) how we wanted our meat cooked.  That’s it! There is only one thing on the menu.  The restaurant was packed!!! The food comes out (after a salad with spicy mustard dressing) looking unimpressive- just a bunch of french fries and four thin slices of steak covered in a sauce with a greenish tint.  I was hesitant, but had to restrain myself from scarfing! I can’t even describe how delicious this was.  I mean, I am from Nebraska, a beef state.  I have had my share of quality meat, most notably at a fancy restaurant in the Plaza district of Kansas City and at my grandpa’s retirement party.  This was truly a cut above the rest, pun intended.  I think they marinate it in angel tears and sprinkle grains of happiness on it.  THAT GOOD.  The meat was so tender it felt like silk against my tongue.  The sauce is a secret.  It is kept in a safe and only the chefs know it.  They have to sign a contract promising that they will never tell anyone else the secret ingredients.  Now this place was kind of expensive, but totally worth it.  I will find out the name and address so everyone can experience the

The outside of the Musee D'Orsay. It used to be an old train station.

culinary delight I was lucky enough to taste tonight. 

Three Creighton students/alums came with us for dinner.  We then went to gelato  (I got Rose, which smells like flowery shampoo and is delicious, and caramel with butter and salt, which was a masterpiece on its own.) with these new additions.  I kind of knew one of the other kids, but it was nice to be formally introduced and meet some new people! Hailey and I went with them to Sacre-Coeur.  We went up some sneaky back steps that side-stepped all of the tourists and looked out at the horizon.  What a beautiful city! The sky was clear and beautiful.  I kept asking about these students’ experiences studying abroad.  I can truly see myself studying in Paris for a semeseter….or a year….or two.  Who knows!

Got back to the hotel late and such, as usual.  I need to go to bed! However if I postpone my shower to tomorrow morning, there will be no hot water, as ANOTHER group of American tourists has checked into our lovely hotel.  Oh well, a cold shower will wake me up better than any cafe au lait!

Good night and I love you all!



2 thoughts on “The best steak dinner of my life

  1. Jessa June 3, 2011 / 10:31 AM

    haha “soaked in angel tears”

  2. Grandpa & Wade June 4, 2011 / 11:19 AM

    We just love your descriptions…even, the food! As you may imagine, it has been a long few days since Andy passed away. Your mom and Emma are returning tomorrow, as you know….we all love you, Amanda, and are anxious to hear you share all of your experiences when you get home..

    Luv you much,
    Grandpa and Wade

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