Who wants a poster of my face?

Hello everyone!! It is approx 10 pm here in Paris and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Still can’t believe it hasn’t rained once! Hope the weather where you are is just as nice!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, except for the shoe debacle.  My friend Hailey and I returned to Buttes-Chaumont park.  It was mother’s day in France, so the park was full of picnics and such.  We studied for our test and took a nap.  (We are thinking about writing our own guidebook- “NAPPING IN THE CITY OF LIGHTS“). I put on sunscreen, but I wore a tank top that has some cut outs. Long story short, I now have a leaf pattern sunburned onto my chest.  It looks like a tattoo! I have been wearing my new scarf to cover it up.  We took a group walk along a canal and got some dinner.  When we got back my roommates and I went to our favorite bar for some beverages.  If my life were a sitcom, that would be the place where everyone hangs out, like the bar in Cheers or Happy Days

Today was our first free day! Hailey and I went to the Georges Pompidou Center (of modern art).  It was super cool! The building itself is magnificent, it looks like it was built inside out.  Here is a glimpse: http://www.n3k.de/produkte/ip_management/fallstudien/pompidou_centre.jpg.  The first exhibit was about a French artist, Francois Morellet.  It was super cool! It was many of his works involving neon tubes and lights.  What is cool about Morellet is that he uses math to control the creative process.  Many of his works are named after angles or figures (such as pi) that he uses to place lines and such.  Look him up- it was very neat.  Math teachers (and my dad) would have LOVED it! The second exhibit was called “Paris-Delhi-Bombay”.  It was about the Indian culture.  This was a little more, erm, “out there”.  There were many strange movies and paintings with odd sounds of tigers growling in the background….It was interesting. We then went to the permanent collections.  There was a ton of Picasso and such, but my favorites were even more modern, including a room made out of felt!

Me and my huge poster. The Bindi is not in the middle of my forehead because I was vain and removed my glasses. That's what I get!

As we were leaving, we saw a line forming, and so naturally we jumped in it! As a part of the India exhibit, visitors were invited to get their picture taken.  A bindi, or the traditional ‘dot’ worn on one’s forehead, was superimposed.  The picture was then blown up very large and dropped to the ground.  Very neat! So now I have a LARGE picture of my face….perfect for the living room!

After spending four and a half hours at the museum, the two of us went and got train tickets for tomorrow.  We are going to Giverny, where Monet lived and was surrounded by the scenery that inspired his famous paintings of water-lillies and such! It is only a 45 minute ride, followed by a quick shuttle.  We can be back by 9 p.m. in our pre-paid hotel beds. It should be beautiful, and a nice break from the city! Tickets weren’t expensive at all- 25 euros round trip! Yes, yes I realize there is a conversion factor, but I choose to not think about it. 

Hailey and I then decided we wanted to do something relaxing. We decided to go see a movie! There is one not far from our hotel, right by the Ponpidou Center.  We opted to see an American movie (lame I know!), but in our defense it just won the prestigious Palm D’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival.  We saw “The Tree of Life“.  It was very long (just over 2 hours!) and very beautifully done! Wonderful cinematography and composition, as well as use of background music.  I am not quite sure what actually happened, or what the message is, but I cried multiple times (I know, it isn’t hard to make me cry).  I think I need to digest it over night.  It was very good, I think, but I recommend it! It didn’t make me homesick, but it did make me wish my family could be over here enjoying life and its many wonders with me!

That’s about it over here! Now I need to journal and pack for tomorrow!

Good night, all!


My beautiful sunburn! It is duplicated on the other side, like a mirror image.

3 thoughts on “Who wants a poster of my face?

  1. carol lindstrom May 30, 2011 / 5:22 PM

    Manda – Your bindi looks like a big honkin’ mole. Just sayin…- carol in spain on terrace overlooking apartments that remind me of househunters international

  2. carol lindstrom May 30, 2011 / 5:30 PM

    We wish we were there but know you are enjoying your paris adventure. I want you and dad to see spain..it has been amazing as you can imagine.

  3. mom May 30, 2011 / 5:33 PM

    Ha ha last comment was me.

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