Now I REALLY need new shoes….

There it is, five floors down. I now understand why we have screens on our windows....I'm just glad it wasn't a small child!

I Don’t usually blog in the middle of the day, but there has been a shoemergency. SHOE OVERBOARD. I REPEAT, SHOE OVERBOARD.

So remember how I got red wine spilled all over my white shoe/slipper/sandal things? Well today I washed them in the tub in an attempt to wash out the stain (no such luck!).  I then opened the window in the bathroom and put my shoes on the sill to let them bask in the warm sun and dry.  Hailey, my roommate, then proceeded to move my shoes, and ended up dropping one of them out! It is now down by a bush in the courtyard outside my window.  The funny part is that we don’t know how to get to the courtyard, as it is not controlled by our hotel, just a private apartment complex.  So….it looks like I need new shoes! Shucks, I have to go shopping. 

After staring slack-jawed and then laughing uncontrollably, I opened my computer to try and look up if any stores are open on Sunday (doubtful), but I just had to tell everyone about the debacle of the day.  This is the worst thing that has happened, which goes to show you how AMAZING this trip has been!

Watch you shoes! And be thankful if you live on the ground floor!

Ever shopping and ever laughing,

Amanda 🙂


One thought on “Now I REALLY need new shoes….

  1. dad May 29, 2011 / 10:42 AM

    Uh oh! I am starting to hear about shopping more than food. Look out Visa!

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