The best nap of my life

Me posing with a buoy that was floating in 5 feet of water (at least) when we left, around 6 hours later. The tides are very dramatic here!

Hello all! 11:50 here, I am kind of keeping my promise to try and blog daily.  This will be a short, condensed version!

Today I awoke at 5:45 to get ready, as we had to eat and be ready to go an hour later.  This was my first train ride.  It was very nice and soothing, put me right to sleep.  We arrived in Deauville and it’s twin city Trouville in the Normandy region after about two hours.  These two towns are very similar in location and layout but very different in socioeconomic status and such.  They are connected by one bridge, but are visible to each other. Deauville will be in the news tomorrow or the next day, as the G8 summit will be held in this sleepy town of around 4000 residents.  Deauville has been called the 21st arrondissement of Paris, as many parisians live there in the summer or go there on their nationally mandated 5 weeks of vacation. 

I spent much time on the beach looking at the thousands of shells.  The weather was nice.  It was about 65-70 degrees with a cool breeze from the ocean (which is actually the English Channel, or as the French call it, La Manche).  After getting a wonderful ham/cheese/butter sandwich and a tarte normande (an apple tart-apples are a specialty in Normandy), Hayley and I strolled around Trouville, touring the small church and looking at the wonderful architecture before heading over to the beaches at Deauville.  There are actually old German fortifications there from WWII! Security was intense and police cars/officers/mounted officers/barricades were EVERYWHERE because of the impending G8 summit.  Hayley and I found a wonderful place to eat our second tarte (yes, I had two tartes.  Don’t judge…it was delicious!) and then we decided to take a brief snooze.  The weather was just right so that we were the perfect temperature to sunbathe with all of our clothes on.  It sounds strange that we should decide to nap in the middle of such a beautiful place, but sleeping is free! The sand was extremely comfortable.  There was NOBODY around, and the only sound I could hear was the crashing of the waves.  It was amazing, I felt the most relaxed I had in a loooong time! Whenever I opened my eyes, there was the ocean, right in front of my eyes! I loved it, and I could see myself going back.  I could live in a small fishing village!


I bought a beautiful sailor-esque shirt (don’t laugh, it looks cute!) and Hayley and I split a bottle of Normandy’s finest (and by finest I mean CHEAPEST) apple cider.  Today was truly a wonderful day.  I loved every second of it!!!!

Bon journee!

p.s. I also saw first real-life jellyfish. Sadly, they were slowly shriveling up on the beach 😦

This stuff was EVERYWHERE

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