Sleepy Sunday

Me standing atop part of a modern art exhibit at the Palais Royal


Today, Sunday, was fantastic.  Our group first went to the Palais-Royal, where many famous people lived, such as Cardinal Richelieu (he is the bad guy in the three musketeers!) and Louis XIV.  It used to be a place of extravagance and lavish partying.  It was very beautiful classical architecture.  We then walked to the Louvre! I did not realize that the Louvre was a fortress and a royal palace before it became a museum (during the revolution).  It was quite large and breathtaking.  I was lucky that my friend Hayley is an art history major.  She knew EVERYTHING! We would walk up to a painting or sculpture and she could tell me what was being depicted, the symbols used, the artist’s story, etc.  Her favorite piece was Nike of Samothrace  My favorite piece was  Gregor Erhart‘s sculpture of Mary Magdalene  This photo doesn’t do it justice.  Her hair is a light gold and she resembles a mermaid.  It is truly beautiful!

We walked around the Louvre for four hours and then grabbed some dinner at a cafe.  I had my first croque-monsieur.  It is basically a grilled ham and cheese with cheese on the top of the sandwich, grilled in a panini.  For dessert, I had another crepe sucre! Delicious. When we were walking to the subway, Hayley and I stumbled upon a jewelery store, Aime.  The entire floor and the display shelves were covered in sand! Seriously, sand by the bucketful were just dumped everywhere! It was very cool and unusual.  In the metro itself, there was a 9 piece orchestra playing music! It was pretty neat, and we stood and listened for a while.  Then I came back and took a nap! It felt good, we are all tired.

Merci for reading!



One thought on “Sleepy Sunday

  1. Grandpa & Wade May 23, 2011 / 3:52 PM

    Hellooooo, Amanda! Wow, what a fantastic trip and experience you are having! It is very interesting to ead your “take” on all you seen and learn. As you state, this is and experience of a LIFETIME. Keep enjoying it, and keep the sharing coming…

    We are so proud of you, so we can’t wait to hear in person all of the things you are seeing, hearing, and learning.

    Take care…
    Luv you
    Grandpa and Wade

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