Local Paper brings Big-time Quality

Newspaper subscribers in Nebraska all turn for one newspaper to be a vital source of both local, national, and international news.  The  Omaha World Herald is a prominent business in both Nebraska and Iowa.  It recently won over 15 awards at the 2011 Great Plains AP News and Photo contest for large newspapers. 

First a little info about the World-Herald itself.  Information obtained from its own site, http://www.owh.com/section/OWH01/, proves how unique the paper truly is.  It was founded by Gilbert M. Hitchcock (for whom the journalism building on Creighton‘s campus is named for) in 1885.  There have only been 6 publishers in its history.  The World-Herald delivers to many readers both in Nebraska and Iowa.  Also, the paper is the largest employee-owned daily newspaper in the United States

Aside from all of those wonderful facts, the Herald delivers quality news.  As previously mentioned, the paper recently won five first place awards in the Great Plains AP contest.  (to see which ones, check out http://www.nola.com/newsflash/index.ssf/story/large-papers-share-honors-in-great-plains/eaa753791ef54122ad67d5484dd8a205)  They also took home 15 total first, second, or third place awards.  This really makes me feel confidence in the paper I read daily. Not only am I reading a popular paper, but one that is full of good articles and information.  Long live the press!


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