Doug Lansky Visits CU

Tuesday, travel journalist and world explorer Doug Lansky was at Creighton.  He gave a thought-provoking and funny talk to the twenty students who showed up.  This man is amazing! He has lived in over 120 countries and speaks multiple languages.  Doug Lansky has written for numerous famous magazines and newspapers, and has been in more sticky situations that you can shake a stick at (pun intended).  He also was very cool and down-to-earth.  He answered all of the audience’s questions and even stayed after to talk with a group of eight or so students.  How does Doug Lansky and his world travels tie into journalism? Read on…

One of the portions of his presentation was based on funny signs from around the world.  Lansky’s “sign spotting” is hilarious and has filled up two books.  This brand of photo-journalism is hilarioius-go check it out! Here is the sign-spotting website :

The real discussion with journalism and Doug Lansky came in the small group conversation after the presentation.  Lansky was discussing the transition of media from print to web.  First, he made the point that the only things we pay for on the web are tangible, physical things, such as clothes or waterbottles.  The rest (such as music, movies, games, news, etc) can be easily ‘stolen’ for free.  This is a common problem and idea in journalism today.  How can newspapers get people to pay for content when they can go to the next website for free?! Lansky’s point was that we have no clue what the direction of journalism will be.  Many of his friends, hot shots for magazines such as Island Magazine  ( ) or newspapers, have either lost their jobs or have seen many drastic changes in their line of work.  He had no idea what was going to happen to his profession, but he didn’t seem worried. Doug Lansky is just that cool. 

Y’all should go check out his website- there are some clips from his presentations there.  He is very funny, but honest and deep as well.  If you ever have a chance to read his work or see him speak, don’t miss it!

Here is his site:

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